Alana Campos

Beauty entrepreneur Alana Campos grew up on the magical Brazilian island of Florianópolis.
As the ultimate beach lover, she always worshipped the sun.
After moving to the United States to pursue a modeling career at 19 years old, Alana became a
sought-after presence in top swim campaigns for her stunning beauty and perfectly bronzed
body. The secret to her glowing skin lay in her Brazilian roots and ultimately with her Mom,
who for years used a locally produced, natural tanning oil.
Every time Alana went home she would bring a bottle of this “secret” oil back with her to the
States, sharing it with a few close friends. Each one fell in love with the product, and it was one
of those friends who suggested that she create a brand and share her Mom's secret with the

Alana set out on a three-year journey to create Brazi Bronze, dedicating herself full-time to the
planning, research and formulation of the perfect organic tanning oil. Sharing this piece of
Brazilian tradition and culture with sun lovers everywhere has been one of her greatest
The benefits are clear: Brazi Bronze is created with your skin's best interest at heart, using all-
natural ingredients, sourced directly from Mother Earth. Alana also believes in returning those
gifts to Mother Earth and through a collaboration with the Rainforest Trust is proud to be a
protector of forests in South America and beyond.
Focusing on natural and clean beauty, Brazi Bronze has now grown to include a range of vegan
and organic skincare and tanning products.