Our Story.

For beautiful summer skin, it’s not enough to just tan. You have to moisturize and protect. And the epidermis needs a layer of safety—not just from the rays—but from the artificial oils and chemicals that come with most tanning lotions and oils.

It was with these needs in mind that Brazi Bronze Organic Tanning Oil was created. Our product is 100 percent all natural with no artificial chemicals used in any step of the production process. It contains traditional ingredients, to ensure the best for your skin. It is completely organic, as well as vegan, containing no GMO’s, pesticides or animal products.

This formula has been used in Brazil for generations, and traces back to indigenous tribes of the Amazon over 500 years ago. Its main ingredient is Urucum, a plant native to the Amazon region. The indigenous people have used Urucum seeds for many uses of the years such as spices, fabric dye and particularly body paint.

In addition to helping you acquire a beautiful tan, Brazi Bronze also nourishes your skin, ensuring its vitality and health. The powerful seeds within are rich in beta-carotene, vitamin E, C, which lavish the skin through nutrition and antioxidation. Our product can be used directly on the skin to tan, or can be used post tanning for its moisturizing and nutritive effects, to rejuvenate suntanned skin. Thanks to these wonderful effects, this oil can be used daily. Even without sun exposure, it will take care of your skin and give you some extra color over time, as the pigmentation of Urucum is deposited daily.