Organic Tanning Oil

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Brazi Bronze gives you an instant natural glow while you work on acquiring a deep sun tan, Urucum seeds have powerful properties that lavish the skin through nutrition and anti-oxidation.

Our product is 100 percent all natural with no artificial chemicals used in any step of the production process. It contains traditional ingredients, to ensure the best for your skin. It is completely organic, as well as vegan, containing no GMO’s, pesticides or animal products.

 Rich in:




Deeply nourishing and moisturizing for the skin.

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How to apply

Our oil is ultra-rich in beta carotene which helps your body produce melanin faster and tan quicker. Remember, your body can only produce a certain amount of melanin a day. If you stay in the sun for too long you will most likely get sunburned. A healthy tanning habit is to do it by increments. If you have fair skin, we suggest to apply a layer of your favourite SPF onto the skin, then apply the oil. Tan each side for 45min to 1hour each day. For everyone who already has a base tan time can be increased.

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